Now, I don’t consider myself an email marketing expert. I’m not great about maintaining a mailing list, nor about sending regular emails. That being said, I have subscribed to numerous creators and I’ve learned a lot over more than ten years of messages received.

When it comes to email marketing and its tactics, they run the gamut. You’d think, now that it’s 2021, some of the less than stellar practices would have disappeared. Nope. Still going strong.

How often do you unsubscribe because an email marketer has failed to read the best practices handbook?

My Inbox Is Busy Enough, Thank You

I don’t care how awesome you believe your launch, product, service or special offer to be, you’re not quite as important to my inbox as you’re telling yourself in the mirror each morning!

My time is just as valuable as yours. My clients expect me to produce. I’m sure yours expect the same.

That being said, I don’t have time to wade through multiple emails, all touting the terrific testimony around your latest product or service launch.

You’ve really only got one chance to sell me, though I understand the need for need to send follow-ups, last chance messages and reminders.

But maybe space them out a bit. Three emails in one day is a sure way to gain an immediate unsubscribe.

Send Smarter, Not Harder (Or More Frequently)

When you send me more than one email in a day, you prove to me that we have no relationship whatsoever, no matter how tiny and tenuous.

You see me only as potential dollar signs, another sale to mark in your books.

I don’t need a minute-by-minute blow by blow account of the sales progress of your new product. I don’t need multiple messages reminding me that the sale is “almost” over. Nor do I appreciate your efforts to guilt me into giving up my hard earned dollars.


  1. More is rarely better.
  2. Scarcity tactics should use scarcely.
  3. Shaming is rarely a smart selling tactic.

Send smarter emails and you stand a better chance of wooing me to open my wallet.

Frequency is easy, especially with automation. Consider, instead, carefully crafting a message that actually sways me, rather than sending meaningless missives that clog my inbox. That hard sell hullaballoo is only causing me to staunchly submit my unsubscribe request.

Email Marketing: Access Is A Privilege, Not A Right!

Access to my inbox is pretty sacred. I don’t allow just anyone entry.

I’m quick to unsubscribe if you don’t take my time seriously. There are plenty of worthy and worthwhile lists to which I can subscribe. You’re not the only fish in the pond. So you’ve got to swim on the side of right or there’s the potential you’ll soon find yourself belly up, at least in my eyes!

Treat your time in my inbox as a privilege and you stand a good chance of staying on the nice list!

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

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