Did you know that you can gain expertise, and market yourself as an expert, in almost any industry, on almost any topic, after reading a single blog post?


  • Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing …
  • Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Web Design …
  • Everything You Need To Know About On Page SEO …
  • Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Performing A Craniotomy …
  • Everything You Need To Know About Building & Launching A Rocket …

All easily and handily encompassed in one short read, in a single, solitary, blog post, video or webinar. And yes, I did stretch it to a ridiculous level with the final two!

Can you not see how rip-roaringly ridiculous this is?

Guess what? You CANNOT learn everything about anything, no matter the subject, reading a single blog post or watching a single video or webinar.

Expertise … Prolonged Experience

Generally speaking I’m not one to share quotes, but when it comes to the expression and understanding of expertise, I found a handful that I think are quite fitting.

You must continue to gain expertise, but avoid thinking like an expert.
~ Denis Waitley

True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.
~ Daniel Kahneman

I want to take the time to think through how I feel and why I feel. I don’t want to feign expertise on matters I know nothing about for the purpose of offering someone else my immediate reaction for their consumption.
~ Roxane Gay

Expertise, as stated succinctly above, requires prolonged experience. I don’t know about you, but even slogging through the longest of blog posts doesn’t really rank as prolonged experience. Though it might feel like it during the read.

Expertise Isn’t Immediate

We’re an immediate kind of world. We want responses fast. We want our businesses to be successful mere minutes after we’ve launched them. Our attention spans are short and we want everything right now.

We’ve latched on to the idea that everything should be easy and simple, but that’s just not so. No matter how many articles are published by hungry-eyed marketers looking for the next sale.

It’s sometimes easy for them, sure. Because they’ve already put in the time, effort, training, blood, sweat and tears.

Let me share something a lot of marketers and designers aren’t willing to admit openly. It’s not always easy for us, no matter our level of expertise, no matter our client base, no matter our seeming standard of excellence within our niche and peer community.

Some days you wake up and nothing you type comes out even remotely coherent. And that means it’s not an easy day for the expert content marketer.

Some days you sit at the computer, or at the ready with your pencil and notepad, and manage to create NOTHING. That makes for a rough day for the branding expert, graphic designer or content creator.

Every day brings new challenges and different circumstances. Each logo requires a different mindset. Each article requires research and rewrites.

My days are, more often than not, enjoyable, because I’m running my own business, doing what I love to do. But that doesn’t mean everything happens easily.

No Single Article Or Video Can Deliver EVERYTHING

Much like the terms easy and simpleeverything has become quite the buzz word, what I call a clickable calamity in the making.

I suggest you steer clear of clickable calamity articles and videos promising easy and everything. The calamity comes when you try to sell that expertise and find yourself woefully unprepared and lacking in pertinent knowledge to complete the process or service you’ve somehow sold.

When you tell someone something is going to be easy, they expect to walk away and easily accomplish the task or project. More often than not, though, the term is used only to elicit clicks, not to actually deliver on the promise.

It’s the same with the promise of everything you need in a single blog post. Especially when the subject matter is obviously complicated.

The everything article doesn’t deliver, yet it gets shared far and wide because people want to believe that expertise is easily attained and applicable after one read.

Quick & Easy Is Rarely Quality

When it comes to training for a skill set necessary to your business, you’re going to have to do a lot more than read a single article or watch a single video. You’re going to have to look beyond the quick fix to the long haul.

I get up every morning knowing I’ll learn at least one new thing that will help my skill set, and, thus, my business.

Learning is something I’m in for the long haul. Skills aren’t built in a one and done fashion. Skills and expertise are honed, over time, with practice.

Every day I experience a new first. But the reason I gain expertise is because I don’t stop at first, I endure and continue to evolve through second, third, eighth, and even seventy-fifth attempts.

When it comes to knowledge, everything can’t be attained in an instant.

Everything in a thousand words? It just doesn’t exist!

What do you think?

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels


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