Meet The Dynamic Duo!

Eren and Mallie met at the gym and clicked immediately. They’re similar, but at the same time very different, and their personalities meshed so well! They soon realized they could work, AND PLAY, as a well-balanced team.

They’re both overtly enthusiastic about doing business digitally, setting up systems that can save time and increase profit, and they think done with you beats done for you just about any day!

Eren’s likely to geek out and talk your ear off. Mallie’s more likely to be business brusque and flavor her speech with a bit of snark. 

Eren Thibadeau

Eren Thibadeau

Document & Data Management Director

Eren is your go-to if you need help with:

  • Document management, cloud and on premises
  • Document study and analysis
  • E-Signatures
  • Scanner sales & set-up
  • Workflow Solutions
5 Fun Facts: About Eren!
  1. I would do a lot of questionable things for Heath Bars.
  2. I love most animals, but I hate raccoons and birds.
  3. Artichokes are my favorite food. I mean, it’s an edible spoon you eat butter with!
  4. I think I was born with a 34-year-old soul & it’s not aging with the rest of me. This isn’t going to go well at 80.
  5. I have a hard time paying attention to TV, but I love audiobooks and can listen to them all day.
Mallie Hart

Mallie Hart

Digital Brand & Marketing Director

Mallie is your go-to if you need help with:

  • Brand design and management
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing & community management
  • Simple SEO, on page and blog content
  • WordPress web design
5 Fun Facts: About Mallie!
  1. I love playing sports, but I’m not a big fan of watching them on TV.
  2. I love Cheetos Cheese Puffs, especially when they’re a little stale!
  3. I’m the fourth of five kids, but I have a LOT of oldest child attributes.
  4. I’m an avid reader. I surpassed my 2020 goal, so I added to it.
  5. I’ve broken my left ring finger more than five times. The final time I had to get a new wedding band!

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