Digital Office Setup & Management

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Setting up a productive workspace requires careful thought and planning. You’ll need to select equipment, determine and stick to a budget, and choose tools to get the job done.

Once you’ve got the right tools, getting your hardware and software setup and synching correctly can be another challenge.  We help guide you through the setup and selection process, making sure it’s the best fit for your business.

CRM Set-Up
CRM Set-Up & Migration

Setting up a new CRM? Let us help eliminate the transfer headache by moving existing contacts from your old/ outlook systems to a centralized contact management system.

Pricing starts at $199. Call 678.561.2195 or email Eren today to get more details about CRM set-up and migration.

Digital Meeting Set-Up
Digital Meeting Set-Up

With your assistance we will:

  • Select and set up the teleconference or video meeting software
  • Set-up a desktop shortcut
  • Provide you customized (for your business) how-to worksheets for setting up future calls and meetings

Pricing starts at $79. Call 678.561.2195 or email Eren today to get you ready to meet staff and clients digitally.


Mobile Device Set-Up
Mobile Device Set-Up

While you can easily work from your home or office computer, man business owners and their staff don’t find it quite as easy to work remotely on their phones. We can help!

We’ll help you connect your phone, and your staff’s phones, to your document storage and retrieval systems, as well as your scanner.

Pricing starts at $59, additional devices with same configuration start at $45. Call 678.561.2195 or email Eren today to get more details about setting your mobile devices up for productive digital work.

Scanner Sales & Set-Up
Scanner Sales & Set-Up

If you’re ready to stop storing documents file drawers or boxes, you’re going to need a scanner. We can absolutely help you purchase the best scanner for your needs.

We’re partnered with Epson and can get the scanner you need at a competitive price. Scanners run from $169 to $799.

Once you’ve purchased the scanner, you’re going to want it set-up to automatically save those important documents in a way that makes the most sense for your business. We can help you with that set up.

Scanner set-up is $49 if you purchase the scanner through our Epson partnership. Set-up for other scanners starts at $79.

Call 678.561.2195 or email Eren today to start scanning and saving your important business documents.

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