SEO & Search Engine Marketing

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are undertaken with the intent to increase both the quantity and the quality of your web site visitors.

SEO and SEM are absolutely important to a strong digital business presence, but they don’t have to be scary or hard to understand.

Our SIMPLE search engine services will help you better understand SEM and SEM, and will also allow you to actively take part in your SEO and SEM success!

SEO Audit & Report

Our SIMPLE full site SEO audit and report includes:

  • content audit (blog posts)
  • on page SEO (full site)

You will receive an overall SEO grade & site improvement report with action tasks to improve their overall SEO grade.

We will need access to the site’s administrative panel to do a complete audit.

Pricing starts at $375, but we quote each project individually. Call 678.561.2195 or email Mallie today to get your SEO optimized and get more eyes on your website prize!

Search Engine Marketing Assistance

While it’s very important to have SEO elements properly on your website, you also have to know what keywords you want to use to drive traffic!

Keyword Research & Report

We’ll run several tests and compile a report detailing keywords you might want to add to your blog posts and your SEO. Keyword research reports start at $175

Competitor Analysis & Report

Competitor or colleague research is often critical to SEO and SEM success. We’ll run competitor keyword analysis tests and site ranking tests before compiling a report for you. Competitor analysis reports start at $225.

Call 678.561.2195 or email Mallie today to get started with your SEM research.

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