Workflow Set-Up & Management

Silhouette of a woman writing on a whiteboard.

When you define the flow of information and tasks in your office, you can identify what isn’t working. Diagrams of your typical work processes help target exceptions. This allows for better on-boarding and training of new employees. It also helps your customers know what to expect when they work with you.

Workflow solutions are customized specifically for your business and need, so pricing is not set.

Workflow solution set-up starts with a Document Analysis Study (included in your pricing). Once we analyze your document needs we then set-up your file share system, with sample folder patterns, using Google Drive or Laserfiche.

We also provide customized diagrams detailing document and information flow for your specific needs, including, but not limited to:

  • identification of bottlenecks
  • cost analysis of doing business in current state
  • and expected areas of improvement
  • ways to manage and maintain workflows going forward

Pricing Starts at $699. Call 678.561.2195 or email Eren today to get more details about workflow solutions set-up and management.

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