Writing style. Much like social media marketing successfully, there’s no single, correct, way to get your point across with the written word.

There’s a reason we see so many discussions about writing and blogging style. Compare it to fashion, hair or make-up, and you’ll find that the idea of writing style is vast, varied and versatile.

If you follow even a few content marketing blogs or Twitter feeds, you’ve seen at least one call for tightening up your writing. I thought I’d share why I don’t have any imminent intent to change the way I write.

Here it is, the reasons why I’m not going to embrace the short, sparse, terse writing style embodied by Hemingway and many a blogging expert.

Tighten Up? I Leave That For The Gym!

I write the way I speak. I love words, and use A LOT of them in even the most casual of conversations. Why shouldn’t I embrace that same style in my writing?

I alliterate and rhyme when I speak, in public or with friends online. Why would I stop doing that when I put fingers to keys?

Some might say I ramble. Some might think my intros are a little too long. Some might think I too often resort to eye candy with my use of alliteration, simile and metaphor. And that’s fine! My writing style just doesn’t suit their specific taste.

But, I’m still not going to change my writing style or vocal delivery!

Tightening up my blogging style would mean losing the very style that my audience has come to expect.

Staying Loose And Embracing My Unique Voice

I’ve often said that if we all loved the exact same things, the world would be a very boring place.

Variety rocks! There’s something out there for all of us.

Because I’m a big old music nerd, I started saying that, “we all need to sing our story using our own unique voice!” While I love the whiny, emotive sounds of Jeff Mangum and Neutral Milk Hotel, it won’t be every listeners cup of tea. Just as my writing won’t appeal to all readers.

And while it’s been a while since I published on the regular, my past social media shares and the comments about my on various platforms have lead me to believe that I’ve got an audience that appreciates my specific blogging style.

Short & Succinct Sometimes Lacks Story

We read to learn, to stay on top of the latest industry news, tech and more.

But we also read to be entertained. We read to feel an allegiance with an idea or a writer. We read because we seek stories.

If you mess too much with your blogging style, cull and cut out all that makes it colorful, you’re often left with just the bits and pieces, words, paragraphs, punctuation, sans story. And there’s little sharing when you snuff out the story, at least in my experience.

My Writing Style Is Fluffy AND I Feel Fine!

You can ignore the advice of experts, real and faux, if it doesn’t suit your audience. You ABSOLUTELY SHOULD ignore the advice of experts if it doesn’t suit your audience.

Maybe you’re a little wordy. But if your words have the fun, flair, feistiness and/or fluffiness that your audience adores, there’s no flipping reason to make a single change to your writing style.

Yes, you need to spell check, you need to consider, carefully, the placement of commas and other punctuation. But when your style is genuine and inherent to your business and brand, you need not shorten, tighten or edit harshly.

I’m not a fan of hairless dogs or cats. I like ’em fluffy, despite the mess and the need for more frequent vacuuming. My writing style is much the same. Fluffy, a little messy, even a little fly-away. But, you know what? I like it. And so do my readers. So? Fluffy it shall stay!

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